Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Great Gump

I felt like I was at a wedding last night watching Mr & Mrs President. I always found the dancing part at a wedding embarrassing. I suppose that's my inbred Englishness. Last night, squirming, I tried to imagine watching our Gordon Brown up there smooching. What a 'Great Gump' (to coin one of my sister Pam's expressions) he would look. Actually come to think of it, I'd bloody love to see Gordon up there dancing and smiling his own special smile. Or not, erm.... well no, probably not, no. The only thing that touched me (which Pam would have liked) was the singer, Beyonce. What a lovely voice. I've never heard her sing. I thought she was stunning. When she was interviewed later she said of Obama, 'he makes me want to be a better person'. Followed by a sharp intake of breath from me. Oh God, it is going to be interesting to see this one unfold.

Eh?! Look what I just found!


  1. Hi Jane
    Today my name is Anonymous so I don't have individuality today. Today I want to blend in the collective soul, today I'm just a loose end today today today
    Today rhymes with Kool-aid and also with maid and why not Jane?
    But maybe you are not doing domestic work today and you're just drinking kool-aid ( or a martini)
    Have a nice day kool-jane

  2. Dare to answer me?

  3. Thanks! You are my first comment. A big day!