Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Eva Cassidy

I happened upon this today in the most unexpected way and of course I cried.
Pam loved Eva Cassidy and felt it was so sad that she died.


  1. I have been so sad since I first heard Eva and about her early death a year or so ago. Juxtaposed with Pam, I am very touched.

    I especially love this version of "Falling Leaves" and I just had it on my gmail status bar the other day. So melancholy and fitting for what happened in her life. From this video and all, I'm pretty sure she might have already been diagnosed then.

    Welcome back.

  2. Hi Ruth..nice to hear from you! Pam sang this song and some others that Eva sang. Pam used to say, 'I bet Eva was an angel sent to sing for us for a while.' I find myself saying the same now about Pam. Did you watch the video of me and Pam singing on here? If you watch it you'll see what I mean.

    Thanks for your continuing beautiful blog...