Monday, December 6, 2010

The Mysterious Hum

The mysterious hum… it sounds like a cue for a song with my sister. I was so angry. But you are so soft like the soft animal body covered with stars. You are white and alabaster and I have to learn a new language. I’m looking for the mysterious hum at the earth’s centre to find my forget-me-not. I am the daughter of the name of my mother and today when I got out of the bath I sat for a moment and gently sobbed, my skin looking for you. Meanwhile the world goes on. You are like a jewel a huge precious sapphire and your gown gently blows as the breeze calls to you like the wild geese. I sit day after day with my ear to the earth and my face cracking. I met Jayne Liddy in my dream, she wore blue first then pink as she disappeared down the hole right to the earth’s centre. The bird is in flight moving on from loss from the time that was. There was a mouse there on the stair and now it’s gone. You are gone and so has Jayne Liddy but she came back to me in the dream like the lady in white and we talked and then she said she’d better go and wasn’t sure how long she’d got. And now the star shines bright and she has a green rabbit and a starfish and she’s all right. He said she’s all right now it’s us left behind who have to deal with all the shit. A little mouse with clogs on, there on the stair going clip clippoty clop on the stair right there. I’m looking for the mysterious hum. I’ll find it and when I do we can still sing together you and I we will sing. I’ll do what he said I’ll sing and I’ll know you are singing with me… the daughter of the name of my mother.

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