Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal We

My very own royal wedding 1993. Hats, hats, hats everybody! Gotta have hats in England. These hats are the toned down version ofcourse but our mum goes the whole hog at weddings, full royal regalia for her always. Everyone in these photos except my parents are gone from my life now. There is only one person that I miss and I miss her awfully, awfully, in fact she was so much a part of me that it doesn't really compute that she's gone ... doesn't she look gorgeous in this photo? I know this post is a bit light-hearted but I'm sure Pam would approve.

I met the Queen a few years before my royal wedding you know...oh go on then if you don't believe me I'll show you!


Thanks to Rebecca the Great for the post idea! ..  xo


  1. FABULOUS!!!!

    Oh you Brits know how to do it right. I am so living in the wrong country.


  2. ha ha how to respond to the English question? Hmm .. well I live in the high desert of New Mexico now so what does that say? It looks inviting though watching the wedding .. makes me want to go shopping and buy a glorious expensive outfit and drape myself about in it .. haven't done that in a while..

    love Jane xx

  3. the black and white, newspaper-y resolution photographs are perfecto, jane. you rock!

    re: royalty. i did briefly think, with visions of enchanted princesses swirling in my little-girl brain, that prince charles might want to marry me, since we were born the same year.
    i also was a bit concerned that i bore a passing resemblance to princess anne, who became alarmingly horsy looking, as she aged.

    xo susan

  4. Hee Hee thanks Susan .. Princess Anne .. did you see her at the wedding? Mum said it looked like she'd raided the local curtain shop for her dress. Oops .. I bet you're glad you didn't marry Charles .. or are you still regretting it?


  5. last time i was in london, i picked up a jar of jam he made. or jam made from berries he picked. or jam made from berries somebody picked on the grounds of his country house.. something. regardless, very tasty.
    but no, no regrets....

  6. I'm glad .. some say the royal family are alien lizards .. imagine being married to a lizard! But one who makes jam would be too much ..

  7. Remembrance of the past imposes itself on the present..sometimes in a very good way. ~Mary

  8. Hi Mary .. and thanks, I know it .. thanks for the memories eh? ALL the memories ..

  9. For what it's worth, my favorite Royal is Fergie. Or, she would be, if royalty was something I believed in.

    Your sister did take a nice picture.

  10. Yes Fergie walking down the aisle was much more fun. Kate was so poised it kind of made me feel well sometimes when women are that poised I kind of get addicted to them. Weird I know.

  11. wow...I thought that was Jackie O having a rare laugh!! Great pics....