Friday, July 29, 2011

It's been a tough month..


  1. Big love to you, Jane. I wish I could make life easier for you, you are in my thoughts. x

  2. Sorry for your tough month, and hope the next one's better.

    Great performance by Judy. Not just the voice, which was considerable, but those eyes as well. She put everything into a song.

  3. thanks Vix for leaving a comment dearest. Much much appreciated .. xo

  4. Yes Kirk this grief is so unpredictable.. glad you liked Judy.. xo

  5. oh. gosh. jane. it's like the weather, you know. some days it's a drizzle, sometime it's a goddamn downpour.
    i adore judy, btw. a major passion of my teenaged years, and i actually saw her sing live near the end of her life. i'm grateful for that.
    love to you.

  6. hi susan. thanks for this. yes it's been a downpour this month.
    you know about it going on too long I wonder? it's been three years and a week ago it was like it had just happened pain wize. anyway glad you enjoyed the fabulous Judy..and you saw her!! wow!


  7. too long?

    i once read somewhere, and forgot where but obviously glommed onto it because it supported my own emotional state/truths, that it takes half the time a serious relationship lasted to get over it. so, ie, a 10-year marriage will take 5 years to relinguish its emotional hold (my addendum to this is that it doesnt matter who wanted out; STILL takes that long).
    So; that's a marriage. we're talking sibling here, dearie. it takes a lifetime; only the texture changes, not the quantity of sadness, nor the size of the hole.

    much love to you,

  8. Wow thanks for this info Susan really? makes sense. so my relationship with Pam was 43 years old.. this gives me some perspective.. much much gratitude to you dear Susan for your support here..xo

  9. Jane - thanks for popping by my blog again. I am honored that you share your deep grief with us here on this blog, and i send you much light on your journey. your writing reminds me a bit of when i read "the year of magical thinking" by joan didion.


    sadie rose

  10. wow Sadie Rose nice to hear from you! And what a compliment to be compared to Ms Didion! thanks so very much xo