Monday, November 28, 2011

An Interview with Vibeke of A Butterfly in my Hair blog..

It all started with Automatism. Then that led to English Muse, that led to Via and that led to A Butterfly in my Hair. I can't help wondering if Pam was leading me. Pam loved beautiful things. She single-handedly transformed a huge house in Newport RI into the cosiest B&B. She was very depressed at the time and the prospect of decorating this big house was daunting. She said someone told her to do two things a day. So she did and you should see what she accomplished. Alone and again without much drama.

She had an eye for beauty. She told me that she would stare at beautiful women said sometimes she couldn't take her eyes off them. This takes me back to when she was age 3. I'd watch her staring blankly at herself for hours in the bathroom mirror pushing her lips forward like Brigitte Bardot. In the little red dress that she loved so much. How enchanting. She also loved knitting.

So how come I am now spending hours looking at beautiful, homey blogs with lots of glorious knitting. Hmm..

Then last week Vibeke saw that I was following her blog and she seemed to fall in love back. She asked me if I would consider doing an interview for her lovely blog! Well as you can imagine I thought this was bloody marvellous. I've put the start of the interview below, click on the link for the rest of the conversation. She's from Norway. I love the blogosphere!

conversation with jane
i LOVE doing these conversation posts with different women that inspire me in their own special way; it can be everything from what they create, their interior style to their view on life. if you want to read the previuos conversation posts you can click at the label at the end of this post.

my conversation this time is with the beautiful Jane Lancaster who has a blog dedicated to her sister Pam. Pam was killed in a plane crash at the age of 43 ,July 3rd 2008, along with the flying instructor Charlie and her husband Keith. there is so many things about Jane that inspires me and i am deeply honored to share her and her sisters story at my blog.
thank you dear Jane for allowing me!


  1. It's wonderful the way we can link together within the blogosphere, Jane. As the saying goes: From little things big things grow.

  2. I know! Nice to hear from you too have been a rich mine for me..xo

  3. I'm so interested in what you've written here about Pam, and beauty. I keep wanting to research and write about this topic of beauty, and society, and how we respond to it.

    Congratulations on the interview and new blog friend.

  4. this is terrific, jane!

    the ripple
    effect of ever-
    widening circles,
    a web of hair-tangled
    softly beating butterflies.

  5. Perhaps Pam is. I'm sure she'd not want anyone she loved to be eroded by grief...but rather, dancing(& blogging) around in a wider world. ~Mary

  6. I log onto this blog, and see two pretty girls at the top of the page. What a pleasant surprise.

    Um...just so there's no misunderstanding, the girls in the picture that was there before were also pretty. Let me log out before I get in any deeper...

  7. thank you Ruth. Yes beauty was a comfort to Pam I think. She loved pretty things and would take me into shops in Newport or wherever she was..shops she had found full of beautiful things and say look at this, let me show you this.. she'd hold things up and say isn't that gorgeous?

  8. Thanks Susan, I hope you saw that you were mentioned in the interview. Fame at last! How perfectly beautiful that verse is.. xoxo

  9. thanks for saying so Mary. What a lovely thought. Made me smile.. and sigh a little...xoxo

  10. Kirk that's funny. I know the feeling! Try Pam once saying to someone, 'Are you pregnant?' The answer was a stony, 'No.'