Monday, April 16, 2012

Same Day..

Last night reading Patti Smith's book Just Kids before I went to bed I read that both Jim Morrison and Brian Jones died on July 3.. same day as Pam. July 3rd, just to add, happens to be the only other Pam in the family, my dad's sister's birthday...


  1. your nostalgia:
    hits me hard.
    hits me deep.


  2. pam really has that sparkle, doesnt she. that doesnt go away you know. dear friend.

  3. Yes she was a big sparkler and when she went off either for the better or the worse it was dramatic, like me!! We are in Truth or Consequences soaking in the hot springs missing her we'd be giggling our heads off if she was here. Thanks dear friend for noticing..xo

  4. Hello Jane,
    I remember finding your place here some time ago, and stayed a while. Maybe I got to know both Pam and you a bit, but most of all I was of course moved by your love. Not knowing what you write, I left in silence. Now I found you again, and figured that it's quite enough to say 'hello'.

    I looked up July 3 in my diary and found it to have been an unusually warm day for Norway, that I took a walk that turned out a bit too long as I was pregnant with my youngest. As so many times before, I thought about all that can happen in a day, and how we never get to know. Now I know about Pam, and she stays also with me...

    1. Well always I am moved to tears whenever someone new is moved to comment here. I so appreciate it. It always gives me the encouragement to carry on with the blog. I welcome your words always and am so glad you said hello and talked of being pregnant on that day..somehow that comforts me..enjoy your day and children and thanks again..come say hello anytime! XX