Saturday, May 19, 2012

Elephants mourning..

Pam was a big animal lover. One of the books I found at her house was called When Elephants Weep, she urged me to read it but I never did. I still have the book. This elephant whisperer recently died and all the elephants that he had saved (from being shot for being pests, they were violent and hated humans) walked for 12 hours to his home to pay their respects. How did they know?

What a beautiful thing read more here

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finished knitting the socks! In honour of Pam..

As you can see I'm posing, modeling my creations in the morning light. I sit in this spot every morning drinking my coffee and reading, it's so nice. The reason I'm 'modeling'? Well other than the fact that I'm a big ham I'm trying to hide the mistake I made in the hidden sock. Oh OK go on then I'll show you the mistake.

The ball of wool in the background is because my dad loved the socks so much that he wants some.How sweet,to knit a pair of socks for me old dad,Pam would be so pleased.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Some much needed respite

For a good few weeks now I've been having some time off from abject grief. We took our little trip and that did me the world of good. Then there are the flowers, the garden. I'm working on a new piece of writing. It was so good to go to the cafe in town (that doesn't have wifi) and write for a few hours then pop into my favourite thrift store on the way home and lo it was 75% off day, got a few goodies including a Coach purse for $1. So but Pam is always always on my mind. When I was in Truth or Consequences I was sad as Pam and I would often go on holidays together. We always giggled madly on our holidays, we'd get the giggles. I imagined us giggling madly in the hot springs, especially on the last day when I saw a big spider sitting watching me from the ledge as I soaked my last soak. I slowly moved out of the pool feeling very naked wrapping a towel round me to go get Ron. When he saw it he said,'wow it is big do you think it's a tarantula?' Yes it was that big. And just then it skittle skattled across the water to the other side of the pool. Yes that's right it walked on water. It could have been sitting on my head for all I knew. Well Pam and I would have laughed for hours, days about that building it into huge dramatic play for ourselves. No more giggling wildly for me not with Pam anymore.

Here's a photo of mum (age 18?) and a photo of me (age 50!) in beer mode....just because I like the pics.. happy May everyone..

When Pam visited me one time here, we took the high road to Taos. On our way back we drove over something and I said, 'hey that looked like a tarantula!" "Oh turn back Jane please, let's see if it was!" she said. So I did and it was.

We got back in the car and all the way along the rest of the road tarantulas were crossing, apparently we'd stumbled on mating season.