Monday, July 4, 2016

20 Trees...

Pam and I loved this place so we trekked up to put some flowers at the foot of a tree.  Me, mum, Wally and Ron.

Wally loving mum on the way up.

We found Pam's name that Angie carved in a tree last time. Mum is wearing the necklace that Angie bought for Pam.

Mum suggested tree hugging then tears came into her eyes.

We left flowers from mum's garden and then we set off back down the hill into Hayfield.

I'm glad we did it however fleeting, then we went back to mum's and I lay on the grass and watched clouds, not done that in a long time...

Sunday, July 3, 2016

8 Years..

Look at Pam's beautiful face, those perfect eyebrows, her lovely crinkled forehead, those dainty small hands. It's a tough day July 3.  Pam was killed in a tragic accident 8 years ago today.. We will go and be with mum and dad and do something to take our minds off it like go and eat fish and chips. Dad loves fish and chips. Then we are going to Hayfield up to twenty trees where Angie carved Pam's name on a tree. We will put flowers down. Then tomorrow I am going to Haworth a place of sisters. It's only an hours drive from here, can't believe I've been here two years and haven't yet been. We will get through today as always.