Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pam and Matt

 It is not for me to say whether Pam should have married Matt or he she for that matter.

Matt pursued Pam for 7 years. Always showing up on her doorstep when she lived at Primrose Lane. Knocking on her door no matter how many times she told him not to. Pam wasn’t interested in Matt, not in THAT way. But well his persistence paid off and they became friends. Not much else was going on for Pam in the men department, nothing much was ever going on for Pam in the men department. Not really.

One thing in his favour was the fact that he had a good sense of humour in his shy way and Pam was funny. Bloody funny. They giggled together a lot. Catchphrases developed, funny voices and nicknames for pets and each other. Both of them big animal lovers. They called each other 'Corky' a lot, I don't know why. I'll have to ask him.

Matt is a dairy farmer and lives on a farm in a cottage next to the big house where his long-widowed mother lives. In a nutshell this was the problem for Pam when they married. Oh she loved living on a farm but NOT WITH THE MOTHER this was too literally 'in a nutshell'. Pam didn’t do ‘family in close proximity’ very well particularly not mothers. In fact Pam could have done without in-laws altogether. So for this and perhaps other reasons she stuck it out for a year and then she left the farm and the marriage.

During Pam and Matt's friendship the TV show Wallace and Gromit was very much on the scene. One day I was walking down Glossop High Street when I spotted a life-sized cardboard cut out of Wallace and Gromit in the window of the local building society. Blimey I thought, he’s the spitting image of Matt! I couldn’t wait to tell Pam and when I did she was tickled pink. Even Matt saw it to our delight and as we pondered on this likeness we realized that Matt was like Wallace in every way. He not only looked like Wallace, he even had the big hands, he talked like him and had very similar habits. Yes Matt too was particularly partial to a spot of Wensleydale cheese.

So from then on they talked of themselves as Wallace and Wendolene and even named their two bantam hens the same names. Pam could often be heard shouting,"Wallace!" and the hen would come running.

Pam and Matt had a lovely connection regardless of their disastrous marriage. I asked Matt a few weeks ago for some memories and he sent me this email,

“Hi Jane,

Two little memories both in April.  When Pam lived on Primrose Lane I picked her a huge bunch of fresh yellow daffodils, she told me it was as if the sun had come to rest in her room. In April I start to spread fertilizer on the fields. In one field near the reservoir she came with me, we were both cramped in the tractor cab, the sun was shining, and we both started to hum the theme tune to Wallace and Gromit! We often laughed about that. Whenever I spread in that field I always smile and think of Pam.

Take care Matt xx”


  1. A splendid resemblance as you say. what a jolly story. And his personality matches too. amazing.

  2. oh god; youve done it again. that heartache of your memories and yet the beauty of Pam. how lucky she was to have you for a sister.

  3. Ha Ha it was a lot of fun back then Elisabeth... Matt and his doppelganger...his five minutes of fame! Nice to hear from you..

  4. Susan thank you far saying that. Especially since we were having a few troubles the six months before she died. That will always haunt me.. I'm so grateful for your words here... and I know you get it..

  5. Lovely and lovely. I love Wallace & G have always and I love each time you honor Pam. I love her and feel like I know her. When I click on your blog I say Hello Jane! Hello Pam! Yesterday I imagined you both wearing outrageous hats in honor of the WEDDING.

  6. Ha Ha oh how nice that you say hello to us both! If you feel like you know Pam then I am doing something right here. and will keep doing it. i hope that in the end if you like you can know her like the back of your hand! and we've done our fair share of hats with a mother like ours there was no escaping it! in fact i'm off to dig out some photos now!

  7. I so love your recollections of Pam, I can hear her voice so clearly It's like she's still with us. Yes, you are doing something right. It still makes me sad to see pictures of Pam and hearing her sing again (your earlier post) was heartbreaking, but we lost someone so special when Pam died, we need to remember her.

  8. Oh Joanne thanks so much for your kind words. I agree with everything you say .. it gives me great, enormous comfort to keep this blog going... glad to hear from you

    love Jane xx