Friday, June 3, 2011

Reading this made me cry this morning..

A loss of this magnitude - psychologically, it is a loss of the heroic defense - draws the psyche into liminality, which may be coloured most heavily by feelings of grief for a lost past. Liminality is created whenever the ego is unable any longer to identify fully with a former self-image, which it had formed by selective attachments to specific internal imagos and embodied in certain roles accepted and performed. It had been embedded in a context created and supported by an archetypal pattern of self-organisation, and now, since this matrix has dissolved or broken down, there is a sense of amputated past and a vague future. Yet while this ego hangs there in suspension, still it remembers the ghost of a former self, whose home had been furnished with the presence of persons and objects now absent and had been placed in a psychological landscape now bare and uninhabitable without them. There is memory, too, perhaps, of status, of secured supremacy amidst a host of valiant defenders of the realm. But now all is different.

Murray Stein, In Midlife


  1. forgive me for my cheesey analysis, but it's what i'm good at (cheesiness). but dont you think it's because youre getting married. and you dont deserve to be happy?

    au contraire, my dear.

    i wish i could be there to wish you well!

  2. it's funny you should use the word, 'cheesey' Just yesterday Ronnie said that word, I never notice him say the word 'cheesey' but I did yesterday and I said, 'Pam used to always use the word, 'cheesey'. I wish you could be here to. It will be at his cabin in the woods, by a river near a pear tree..

    when I have my photo taken on the 11th I'll think you you Susan and shout, 'cheesey!'


  3. You're getting married? Congratulations.

    What's that Fine Day Jane I see in the sidebar? Another blog?

  4. thanks Kirk. Yes it's another blog .. not about Pam. So it gets neglected ... ;-)

  5. Susan is right, you have every right to be happy. I wish I could be there to wish you well. xxx

  6. thanks VV. I will show you the $20 vintage dress! Inspired by you. xo

  7. I think on such a big day as your wedding you would be missing your sister. I hope there are many dragonflies on the river on your wedding day.


  8. dear Kathy.. I hope so too! You will see me crying a lot tomorrow during the ceremony and Pam is why...