Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Margot December 25th 1960 - April 19th 2012

Margot skyped me some time back, maybe a year and a half? No more. She told me she had a brain tumour. I'll never forget her face telling me on the computer. It was horrible to have to hear and so shocking. My friend Jayne who found me through Facebook had just died of cancer and now this? It was scaring me. Margot said, 'we'll come to visit you in Santa Fe when I'm better.' I just found out on Facebook that she died last week leaving a husband and a ten year old daughter. She had been my agent once in England and what a lovely lady she was. Her sister died last year of cancer and her brother died before that age 43. Death is scary to me. I'm speechless... rest in peace dear lady..


  1. When I saw Margot's bright smile and began reading about her, I thought it would have a happy ending... Yes, death seems to be everywhere (and it really is). I find myself 'surrounded' by cancer, it scares me more than I can express. I feel so sorry for Margot, and more than anyone else, for her young daughter. It's a good thing you do, sharing her lovely smile with the rest of us, allowing us to carry a bit of her with us.

    1. just imagine what the mother of Margot and her two siblings must be going through.. thanks Lilli for showing up here for Margot..xo

  2. oops hope that wasn't an insensitive thing to say to a mother Lilli..I just can't believe what that mother is having to go through.. I love what you say about the rest of us carrying a bit of her with us.. hugs to you, Jane

  3. Jane...so sorry about your beautiful friend....It's going to be one year since my 18 y/o son's passing and it still feels like yesterday...I met your illustrious father and kind mother on my journey home from Seattle in June and will never forget the way your dad made me understand death a lil better and I know you carry that sympathic gene in you....Death is imminent but it's what you do for yourself and others while your alive that matters the most! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Roni my Dear Lady.I am so proud to have given you some comfort when met you on the plane.

  5. i must agree with you: sometimes the thought of death is a scary one to entertain. but even scarier than that [for me] is the thought of becoming physically or mentally ill enough that someone must take care of me.
    let's hope for the best, keep our brain cells active, and do what we can to keep ourselves healthy! and live each day to the fullest!!!

    sending you love....

  6. Right.. so right ..backatcha P.. xo