Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I made a scarf

I knit now like my sister used to...


  1. did you take up knitting fo t hat reason, to feel it as she did?
    just curious...
    it's a gorgeous scarf!

    when are you heading back to the old sod?

    1. Exactly Susan, Pam always would say to me Jane why not try knitting it's so great. I'd be like me knit?! So I kind of started it in her honour and she was right I love it. I never listened to her. Much to her frustration. Thanks! I love the scarf too!!! Hee hee!

      Not sure when we are heading there. We'll know more in the next two weeks.. xx

  2. our latest plan is a walk around the isle of anglesey in june...only 100+ miles. ohhh sure, says i. i can do that...

  3. ooh maybe we could meet up if you feel like walking over to Derbyshire! :)