Monday, July 4, 2016

20 Trees...

Pam and I loved this place so we trekked up to put some flowers at the foot of a tree.  Me, mum, Wally and Ron.

Wally loving mum on the way up.

We found Pam's name that Angie carved in a tree last time. Mum is wearing the necklace that Angie bought for Pam.

Mum suggested tree hugging then tears came into her eyes.

We left flowers from mum's garden and then we set off back down the hill into Hayfield.

I'm glad we did it however fleeting, then we went back to mum's and I lay on the grass and watched clouds, not done that in a long time...


  1. What a beautiful tribute walk to Pam. Your photos and story opened my heart right up this morning. Thinking of you all and feeling grateful for having known your dear sister Pam in our few meetings and in your wonderful recollections of her. Sending heaps of love.

  2. thanks so much Peggy. See you soon! xo

  3. Just beautiful, Jane. Nature is such a comforting place to be when one is grieving. Love your ritual. So important that you can all do this together, giving each other support. I'm sure Pam is watching and loving you. I love you too.

    Huge hugs! And see you soon,

  4. Thanks Terry, our ritual in Santa Fe was to go up Sandia Peak with flowers from my garden, this seems to be the place for us here. I hope she is watching, thanks for the love and love you too xx