Friday, December 31, 2010

To all those people who knew Pam!

This photo of Pam was taken after my parents had visited a dog shelter.  They walked out of the shelter saying they didn't see a dog that they wanted so Pam marched them back in and this little puppy was the result.  They called him Spikey, he was dad's constant companion until he died in 2005 (the dog not dad!)  Pam loved dogs with a passion.

I was listening to a man on the radio last night, Frank Mundo as he talked about losing his brother a year ago.  He and his family have a website where they put all his brother's art work and photos and memories.  They also put stories and memories on there that friends share.  So I invite all those people who knew and loved Pam to please email me and share your stories so that I can put them on this blog.  Don't be shy!  Come on!


  1. I hope you will receive many stories of Pam. In our family, we are constantly amazed at how the eight of us (seven now that Bennett is gone) remember things differently. It is a constant revelation. No doubt you will learn things about Pam you never knew, and she will grow even richer in your memory and imagination. And so will you.

  2. that's a nice way of putting it Ruth...