Monday, August 29, 2011

Pam in Taos

Pam visited me about five times here in New Mexico. I think these photos were her first visit. Here I took her to Taos Pueblo. This is her just outside the Pueblo calling the horses..

Mum and Dad came for the wedding this June and I took them to Taos. I got them to stand in all the places that I took photos of Pam...

And always some silly ones.. Pam then wearing a scarf that she knitted herself...

And me this year..

So now let me share with you Pam's trip out here at the end of 2003. We bought wool in Taos and she knitted a lovely scarf for me. She got her plane times mixed up so ended up staying an extra few days. We watched the film 28 Days Later and giggled like kids chasing each other round the room like the infected flesh eaters. Pam was particularly good at it and had me quite convinced a time or two! I don't think I've laughed so much since.. And of course she got her dog fix..

God these photos make me cry... sorry it's been so long getting this together.. You can probably imagine why..


  1. Yea, now I remember why I love her....and miss her too. So much that we left undone, we only shared fun times for a little while, Love, Claudia

  2. I loved these. Thanks so much for sharing those happy memories, Jane. I loved 28 Days Later, next time I watch it I'll be thinking of both of you. xxxxx

  3. Oh, that picture of her with the bear is so perfect.

  4. i know this is only a tiny rowboat of comfort in a vast, bottomless ocean of sorrow, but:
    you and pam had
    so. much. fun. together.
    you will have that storehouse forever.

  5. thanks Claudia.. I'm glad you got to know Pam xo

  6. Vix, I love the idea of you thinking of us two when watching 28 days later.. thanks for stopping by it's so nice to hear from you, xo

  7. Frank and Mary, I'm glad you like it! And that you said so here! thanks very much, xo

  8. Susan, God I'm missing her so bad. I have never laughed with anyone so much in my life before or since. Yes I still have those memories don't I? Bless you dear lady for your continuing words of comfort. You put it so well. xoxoxo