Friday, October 14, 2011

The Door Marked Summer

Photos care of Lorna McLauchlan, Pam's schoolfriend.

This is an excerpt from The Door Marked Summer by Michael Bentine a member of The Goon Show speaking about his son who was killed in a plane crash.

By noon, the airfield at Lashham admitted that one of their aircraft was missing. As I stood in the garden of our home, I prayed to the forces of light to guide me and - suddenly, my door marked summer swung open. There beside me was Gus. I felt his touch on my shoulder and heard his anxious voice in my ear: "Daddy! I'm terribly sorry - so sorry!" Then the words came clearly: "It wasn't Andy's fault! The bloody machine went wrong in the air."


  1. why is it that those words resonate so? The Door Marked Summer. i dont even know what they mean, really, in this excerpt, but they are profoundly powerful...
    thanks for posting this, jane.

  2. I know .. no idea what he means either but I agree with you very evocative...thanks Susan xo