Wednesday, October 5, 2011

50 today.

Can't believe I'm 50 for one thing...and that Pam isn't here with me for another... life is weird.


  1. did you hear me singing happy birthday to you in Maine?
    it's quite windy...but it is blowing your way...

    the numbers game can make you go batshit crazy by the time you hit 51. stop it right now, go eat a very large piece of chocolate cake, and then jump on that nice-looking husband of yours.

    :) take it from me; i'm MUCH older than you, dear.



  2. I'm laughing with tears in my eyes... I wish I could tell you how he sang happy birthday to me this morning but it is too naughty!

    Thanks Susan


  3. Life is weird...but still...a very, very happy birthday to you. ~Mary

  4. Mary, much obliged... I am throwing a big fuck off party for myself on Saturday.. well it's not every day one is fifty! Yikes! xo

  5. Happy Birthday, gorgeous!!!!
    Life is very odd, if someone had told me eighteen months ago that my Mum wouldn't be here and that my own Dad no longer knew me I'd never have believed them.
    Live every day as if it were your last, celebrate how fabulous you are and that you have the love of a good man. Love you lots. xxx

  6. Awww thanks Vix.. excellent advice! And your blog testifies to that..keep on keeping on!

    love Jane xxxxx