Monday, December 12, 2011

What a Giddy Kipper! As Pam would say..

Tonight I am performing 15 minutes of my one woman play with 5 others at a venue in Santa Fe. This play has been in the works for many moons and Pam was very much in the mix. I would call her at all hours and read the things I'd written and as always she would be a huge support. Well I hope I can embody the phrase Pam invented and be a true Giddy Kipper tonight in her honour. I'm doing the full play here in March.

I thought I'd share a few photos of the family members I'll be playing tonight, the 'stars of the show' as per usual!

Star No. 1 Nana. The big dresser she is as Madonna..

And Boy George!

 Star No. 2 Mum. In the Mikado

Mum and Dad on their way to be audience members of The Good Old Days TV show..

Star No. 3 Dad. Being daft with friend Diane..

Here he is behind his bar which is mentioned in the show..

Sitting in the bath just now, where we get all our best ideas, I thought of doing this post. League of Gentlemen also came to mind. This is an English TV show that Pam and I watched together one summer at her Inn in Newport. We bloody loved it for its similarity, be it a rather dark, twisted version to our family and to people from the north of England. The clip below reminds me of all the times I went to audition for commercials in the UK. Zany, Giddy Kipper humour..and she's called Pamela!


  1. i'm too late to say "break a leg" -- but I have a feeling you rocked the crowd! what a family (drama queen) heritage; and the video is priceless!
    blowing theatrical air kisses in your direction...

  2. thanks so much Susan for this. It went really well. What a relief. Nana went down a storm. I felt so ill before with after nine months of no period a visit from menses hell. I was so whacked out. But as they say Doctor Theatre darling... xo