Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's a fine day..

Did I ever tell you I made a record? Here is me in the video age 22! Oh but it's so bloody ironic.. and somehow prophetic.. and sad..


  1. the keywords (labels) are so wrenching, in themselves...and this lovely video of youth and missed opportunities and your clear-as-a-bell voice. oh, my dear. it hurts and hurts.

  2. OK, I remember a later, dance-mix version of that song. Sorry, but I don't think yours ever made it to the US. I'm sure I'd remember because I was watching a lot of MTV at the time. Having said that, I quite like your version. You have a nice voice, and despite the seemingly cheerful lyrics, it's a bit melancholic, and, as you said, ironic. Melancholy and irony. Trust me, I'm no stranger to either.

    1. It's a long story Kirk.. I am the original singer of this voice has been sampled onto so many house version of the song. I don't know shall I put :) or :( you choose.. xx

  3. I viewed this the other day, but was unable to get my comment to take. It freaked me out in a slowly building way. But you have a great voice.

  4. ha ha.. I know the feeling.. freaking out in a slowly building way.. thanks Mary..

  5. I heard your song for the first time in 1984 on the radio, it was night and summer. I was younger and somewhere else. And your voice comforted me. As there appeared to be no dj in the program to tell me who had sung, I decided to put the song in a drawer in my head. Tonight I am older. I have just found your song and bought it, and found your blog to thank you, Jane.
    Leon, the Netherlands

  6. Hello. I just this minute saw your comment. Thankyou. I'm so glad my voice comforted you.. I wish I could get the inspiration to sing again. but I don't. Maybe your comment will help. thanks again and very best wishes.