Friday, February 10, 2012

Pam's things..

Pam had this cat picture in her living room. I found it in a box last week. I brought it back here after we had to sort through her things. I've put it on my dressing table. She loved cats, so do I. Her cat Ellie who she called Ellie Maypoles was adopted by her neighbour Alan, who Ellie had pretty much gone to live with anyway. Ellie is still having her love affair with Alan according to a friend here in Santa Fe who told me she'd met him by chance in Newport on her last visit there. We met this guy called Alan with a cat called Ellie who knew Pam! She said he never stopped talking about Ellie. Wow he loves that cat! Pam saw Alan get tazered by the police right outside his house not long before she died.


  1. Very sweet, Jane. Pam is still here with you.

    Love, Terry

  2. quite sorry for your loss.

    just saying to someone the other day,
    a person dies once. the pain, the fear is gone.
    but for us that are left, they die everyday.

  3. thanks so much for this normadesmond. and you couldn't be more right on.

  4. I knew you and Pam would be cat people, the best people always are.
    Love you, stay strong. xxx

    1. ha. Yes sirree.. thanks VV .. great to hear from you! xo

  5. oh. my.
    what a great photo of a cat.

    and: you are such a beautiful and fragile soul.

    loss can hit us very hard. VERY hard.
    i feel your pain.

    i've had one very close friend visit me repeatedly in dreams. [my dog. even though he was "just" a dog, he was one of my closest-ever friends....]
    i hope your sister visits you....


  6. thanks so much dear Pencilfox..your blog shows me the same things about your lovely soul. Yes Pam was in my dreams last night and thankfully she was smiling this time. That's not always been the case. so today I'm grateful for that. I'm glad your dog visits you.. xo

  7. ellie maypoles! i would have really, really liked her, jane. that wonderful, silly, verbal humor.

    you know, when i left NYC (did i tell you this already?), it was between Newport RI and south portland ME. i house hunted in Newport, and actually found an old & funky area that was very much my taste. but the real estate was consistently out of my i ended up in Maine. but i love newport; have been going there since i was in high school.

    your shrine is beautiful. you are so good.


  8. Oh Susan, Pam was HILARIOUS. No one except my friend Sue, who now lives in Paris, has ever made me laugh like her. So not much screaming laughter for me now unless I visit Paris..

    Newport is a cute place isn't it? No you didn't tell me. It's nice to know you can picture Pam there.. Funny the houses in your recent photo looking out of your window .. the houses remind me of those in Newport.

    thanks for liking the shrine.. it means a lot.