Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4 years

photo taken by Ron in Taos. Last night we watched the documentary The Woodmans which was sadly fitting..


  1. i don't know what kind of flowers you like,
    but i am partial to wild roses, rosa rugosa, which i associate in particular with rhode island.
    when the fog rolls in, their distinct scent seems intensified by the dense air, and when the sea breezes blow, their petals scatter with the wind.
    they come in several shades of pink, from dark to light to an ethereal white. i didn't know pam, but perhaps she liked the beautiful wild roses of rhode island. maybe you like them, too.
    thinking of you, jane. xoxo susan

  2. Sending comforting thoughts(if there are comforting thoughts..)

  3. Gorgeous photo, Jane! I can't believe it has been 4 years. I thought of you and Pam yesterday....sending you love.

    And hugs!


  4. lovely Susan, I don't know those roses but they sound lovely. I took flowers from my garden and put them under a tree on Sandia Peak.. much love Jane xx

  5. Mary, thanks so much, it means a lot..

  6. Terry I was saying the same yesterday, can't believe it. love ya xo