Saturday, July 27, 2013

Five Years, Twenty Trees

We went up to twenty trees in Hayfield for the anniversary of Pam's death. Pam and I walked up to these trees together once. I usually do it in Santa Fe but I'm here now and so were my family. So I dragged them up to the top of the hill, me, Ron, Mum, Angie, Eddie and Billy (literally in mum's case as she wore pink flip flops erm mum!) It was sad. Angie said, 'I'm going to carve her name in the tree!' We went into Hayfield village after for tea and scones, Pam liked a cream tea.. the song Somewhere over the Rainbow started to play...


  1. Just watched a movie with Diane Keeton called, Surrender Dorothy, have you seen it? Wonder what you thought of it. Somewhere over the rainbow playing on a day honoring Pam . . . Love you. K

  2. looks like a beautiful, peaceful place, jane. i think it's wonderful that the whole family did this. and that you are in the UK. sending good wishes your way....xo susan

    1. thanks Susan. But I miss Santa Fe... xo