Thursday, August 1, 2013

Things Pam knitted..

This is Pam leaving to go back to America to live for good. It's about 2005. She's stroking Jesse. Tessa the boarder collie was dad's gardener, Michael's dog who is now dead, the dog not Michael. The only one remaining in this photo then is Jesse. Pam and Mike got on really well and went on holiday together once to Goa. In the other photo there's dad and Mike's assistant gardener Chris. Pam once told me a hilarious story about how she had to referee an argument between Mike and Chris who no longer work together, they had a rather strained relationship. I would get her to tell me the story over and over cos it made me laugh. She knitted this gorgeous wrap. I never saw it again after this...

Last night I dreamed about Pam. In the dream we are in the house on North Road in Clayton. Angie tells me Pam has been paying her for cigarettes. I'm furious. Angie is standing wearing glittery clothes from a shopping spree. I shout at Angie. I run to find Pam. I shout her. I'm in the family room she shouts back in a very depressed voice. She's watching TV sitting on the floor. She tells me she got involved with a guy who is using her house for drug trafficking. I say Pam you have to stop him. She knows but she's scared. So am I.

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